Dr. Kannankeril has been trained to help people with a variety of Psychiatric disorders. Her approach is grounded in psychotherapy with needed medication. This combination is aimed at treating the root of the problem, rather than just treating the presenting symptoms. In addition, Dr. Kannankeril focuses on personality change and nutrition in order to truly treat the whole person.

Dr. Kannankeril finds that when treated in this manner, the symptoms are much less likely to reappear later on.

Below you will find more information about Psychiatry in general, as well as Warning Signs and Dr. K's Professional Biography.

What Is a Psychiatrist?
A Psychiatrist is a Medical Doctor who specializes in mental, emotional and behavioral problems, specifically their prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

There are many types of mental health professionals, but only the Psychiatrist is a licensed physician trained to:
Diagnose all types of illnesses, mental and physical
Order medical laboratory tests, X-rays and other imaging studies
Prescribe medications

Warning Signs of Mental Illness:

Marked personality change
Excessive anxiety or suspiciousness
Inability to cope with problems and daily activities
Strange ideas or delusions
Prolonged feelings of sadness
Thinking or talking about suicide
Marked changes in eating or sleeping patterns, or in energy levels
Abuse of alcohol or drugs
Extreme highs and lows of mood
Excessive anger, hostility
Violent behavior
Irrational fears
Difficulty with memory and concentration

A person displaying even one of these Warning Signs of mental illness should be evaluated by a Psychiatrist or another physician as soon as possible.

An evaluation with Dr. Kannankeril can be scheduled by calling (973) 276-0041. For further information please see please see Patient Information.

Dr. Mary Kannankeril is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who has been practicing in New Jersey for over 20 years.

Dr. Kannankeril has previously been the Medical Director of Psychiatric Emergency Services as well as the Chairperson of the Department of Psychiatry at Saint Mary's Hospital in Passaic, New Jersey. Dr. Kannankeril has been in private practice full-time in Northern New Jersey for over twenty years now.

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